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Meridian Hospital was established in 1996 with the vision to become the leading private hospital in Nigeria, exploring the vast potentials inherent in services beginning from Port Harcourt, replicate across Nigeria and beyond borders.

We set out, determined to bring change to the concept of health-care delivery in Nigeria, to redefine hospital values and services and add meaning to the profession.

We had as an objective, to establish a one-stop centre for the average health care need for the patient in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and its environs. This way, we proposed to and now indeed operate a multi-disciplinary, multi-branched, multi-specialist hospital practice.

We began in 1996 in a leased apartment at 128 Ikwerre Road, Port Harcourt with what was available: few staff, basic equipments, simple infrastructure but with a big dream.

By 2003, we expanded into an owned, improvised property at 21 Igbokwe Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt, improving on the existing records.

Today, we are in a state-of-the-art, purpose designed, purpose built hospital complex conceived to meet today's needs and positioned for tomorrow's challenges. It is sprawling 3-storey building still at No. 21 Igbokwe Street, D-Line, Port Harcourt, with space accommodate our dream project.

The approach is the spacious parking lot with capacity for over 45 cars. You are led into a massive reception, 5 general  practice consulting rooms, 7 specialist consulting rooms, wide neatly tiled corridors, gentle spacious stair cases, a lift system, a ramp, rooms for all our operational needs and equipments. There is provision for residence for doctors and other essential staff to ensure uninterrupted operations 24 hours daily. we run a 24/7 service of consultation, emergency medical services, laboratory and imaging investigations, surgical operations, antenatal and general maternity services, hospitalization services including feeding.

Associated with these are fully air-conditioned rooms, 24-hour uninterrupted power and water supply, modern diagnostic equipments, friendly, courteous and receptive staff, communication gadgets, internet access and a professional security apparatus.

The Hospital which started in 1996 with a total staff strength of 7 has witnessed a tremendous growth. Today, we satisfactorily retain the services of several notable corporate interests in and around us. We have also built bridges of international collaboration for both exchange professional programmes in training, support services, technical and outright oversea referrals.

This is our third generation Meridian Hospital.


THE PATIENT: The life of our patients is always our first consideration. The patient is the most important person in the hospital.

Patient satisfaction is central to our mission, vision and policy considerations. We are only satisfied when our patient is satisfied.

SERVICE: We believe in the enduring legacy of service. Service is the gate-way to the patient’s heart. It is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction, it never fails.

EMPATHY: We are motivated by the power of empathy as our mirror in determining our perception, judgment and conduct to our patients. We put ourselves in our patient’s shoes.

COMPASSION: In this “hallowed” profession, only a compassionate disposition to the patient’s needs in care will do. It is the main thrust to our service delivery.

EFFICIENCY: Time is of essence. To us, efficiency is about how soon the good service is rendered. We believe in maximizing time value for our patients. We believe that we are only a little part of the patient’s itinerary for the day. He needs his time for other things. We believe that every second counts both in saving a life as well as in adding value to the patient’s day. We believe in doing it right the first time, all the time and on time.

INTEGRITY: We are founded on trust. We are committed to maintaining the highest professional, ethical and moral codes in the discharge of our duties. We are guided by the same principles in dealing with the general public. Our tolerance for misconduct is zero.

PERSONNEL/ENVIRONMENT: We believe in team. We hold our esteemed staff dear. We are committed to building a highly motivated team of professionally dedicated work force sustained by an enduring team spirit. We desire to maintain and pursue the objective of sustaining a warm, friendly and conducive environment that supports career growth and excellence.

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We are developing by concept, infrastructure and professionalism, a leading multi-specialist health institution dedicated to delivering world class patient care in an environment and setting that provide no less in standard.

We encourage research, training, capital investment and man power development as the corner stone for sustaining standard, global best-practice in our operations. We have positioned the hospital for community service, partnership with individual corporate organizations, agencies and governments to contribute to the achievement of national as well as millennium development goals in health.