Eating healthy diet is necessary to avoid constipation. Avoiding dietary food rich in fiber and minerals or not drinking enough water can be a cause of constipation. Lack of exercise causes constipation as well so one must pay attention to the right kind of food. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of dietary fiber where they can give comfort to those suffering from constipation but all fruits and vegetables are not good for relieving one from constipation so one needs to pay attention to the properties of food before consuming. A few food stated below can help in eliminating constipation.

1. Dried Prunes

A common home remedy to treat constipation is by making use of dried prunes in the diet. These are rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin A. When take in the form of juice, they also taste great. Prunes are referred to as the grandma’s treatment because it is really effective in curing constipation. They are natural laxative high in insoluble fiber which gives proper bowel movements.

2. Kiwi

Kiwi has edible seeds and lot of vitamins and fibers to give you complete comfort during constipation. Regular bowel movements are promoted with the regular consumption of kiwi.

3. Pears

Pears are also natural laxatives which allows great comfort as it eases the movement of stool. Eating a pear before going to bed also relieves constipation. Eating a pear in the morning and taking its juice few times during the day can be very helpful for relieving constipation.

4. Drinking Healthy Fluids

Drinking water, juices, etc. can help in easing constipation allowing you to feel more energetic and it treats constipation as well. Juice helps to move the things well in the stomach that will improve digestion giving extreme comfort. Drinking warm water most of the time will help to relieve constipation making it easy on the stomach. Avoid drinking aerated drinks like soda or colas which can be very discomforting for the stomach.

5. Broccoli

High fiber content is useful to fight constipation and broccoli is rich in fiber. It has many beneficial properties which allows you stay in good health. The change in bowel movement is observed after the consumption of broccoli which will allow you to stay healthy and fight constipation.

6. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and full of fiber as well which is a natural remedy to treat constipation. It also reduces the risk of cancer and increases bowel movement by one third. Bloating and pain is also treated with the consumption of flax seeds.

7. Beans

Beans are a wonderful source of dietary fiber which can help you maintain a healthy digestive system and avoid constipation as well.

8. Vegetables

Eating green vegetables and salads can be very useful but all vegetables should not be eaten cooked like carrot should be consumed raw. Spinach is great for enhancing the bowel movements and eaten cooked. Vegetables are rich in fiber and improves bowel movement to a great extent.

Eating the above mentioned foods can help in improving constipation and give proper bowel movement which will help you stay fresh.