Eye disorders are many and there are various causes and reasons behind each and every disorder. One of the common eye disorders known as Astigmatism is referred to as a critical condition of our eye vision. Under this disorder, the eye vision starts getting blurred or unclear. The one diagnosed with this disorder finds difficulty in reading or watching things clearly. It is the asymmetrical and unbalanced structure of the cornea known to be the front most surface of a human eye or the lens which is known as the most vital part of the eye. This part of the eye directs the light onto the retina of the eye. Under such circumstances, a person is believed to have hazy eyesight and is unable to view both long and short distance objects in a not so clear manner.


One of the major causes of Astigmatism is the unbalanced surface or improper shape of the cornea or the lens. The transparent film of tissue located on the surface of the eye is known as cornea. A normal cornea is expected to be in the shape of a proper ball. However in a case like Astigmatism there is a slight defect in the curve pattern of the cornea. The irregular curve pattern resembles that of a rugby ball. Due to this defect, the light directed towards the eyes gets deflected. As a result of this deflection, the person is not able to view the image clearly. And thus blurred vision is caused.

Signs & Symptoms

In most cases this disorder is found to be present at the time birth of the child. But there have been cases wherein this disorder has taken place due to an injury caused to the person’s eye and reasons pertaining to complicated operations of the eye. There are several reasons for the cornea of the eye to bulge and thus affects its proper shape. All such causes are associated with the occurring of Astigmatism. There are several methodologies applicable for the diagnosis of this disorder. One of the most popular ways is through commonly conducted eye check-up. It is inferred that a person is suffering through this disorder once he or she have been tested for normal clarity in their vision. There have been cases wherein for a period of many years this disorder prevailing in the child’s vision has remained unnoticed. Under such circumstances, the child’s reading and focusing capabilities are expected to go for a toss.


Most eye specialists suggest that regular eye examinations are the best method to keep a track of disorders like Astigmatism. As far as the signs and symptoms are concerned, most people suffering through this disorder complain about unclear or blurred vision and constant headaches. This disorder prevailing among children causes lack of concentration and strain on the eyesight. It is also inferred that people using glasses mostly suffer through this disorder.


For cases wherein the severity of Astigmatism is not extreme, there is absolutely no requirement of a specific treatment. For those who are suffering from it at considerable levels are mostly advised to wear the right kind of prescribed glasses as well as contact lenses. Some people prefer to undergo laser treatment to recover from this ailment once and for all.


No specific preventive measures are available for a disorder like Astigmatism. However, eye experts always recommend constant eye examinations and tests for in-time treatment and better long lasting clear vision.