Crossing teenage-hood and entering the new bracket of 20s introduces a new feeling of liberation in youngsters. It almost makes you feel that you have the freedom to do everything and also get away without causing yourself any harm. Well it is not what it looks like. Women in their 20s have the chance to set for themselves a proper and healthy lifestyle that can ensure a longer span of healthy life for them. Believe it or not, if you have an erratic schedule of work, exercise, food and study coupled with stress, women are likely to bear its brunt in the later stage of their lives. Following are few tips for women in their 20s that can help strengthen their health:

1. Exercise Regime must

Do not follow an exercise regime just to lose the unwanted and extra carbs. Infact incorporate a workout session on a regular basis to improve the growth of your bones. In the 20s women can experiment various challenging exercises that help them stay active and fresh. A fresh body will translate into a fresh mind for work. Exercises will help you be strong and less immune to diseases. You will look young, active and fresh. Avoid monotonous routines and introduce fun in your regimes by opting for dancing or kick boxing or kayaking. Do ensure that you enjoy whatever you do!

2. Eat what is Right

In the middle age women have a higher tendency of being affected by osteoporosis. It is only if you have a healthy diet that strengthens your bones in the 20s that you can avoid this ailment. This is why it is very important for them to include calcium and vitamin in their diet. Do not try to stick to few food items. Instead follow a diet that includes whole grains, fruits, green leafy vegetables and dairy products too.

3. Glowing Skin

A healthy skin is the way to a beautiful and glowing skin. In the matters of dermatology, it is not just the soap that needs to be under constant radar. What we eat, how much we exercise and take care of our skin from adverse climatic conditions is also important. Mineral and vitamin rich diet can help you achieve a skin without any spots or acne.

4. Sleeping Beauty

Partying late night may be a trend for women in 20s but those who hit the bed early are certainly getting the title of ‘Sleeping Beauties’. Research suggests that a good sleep not just helps the body relax but also helps strengthen your memory and immunity, aids in controlling weight and reduces mental stress. If women find it difficult to get that ‘Good Night’ sleep, take hot shower before going to bed.

5. Stress-o-graph

Women perform various roles in today’s day and age. Some of them have to be wives, mothers, daughters and professional all at the same time. It can take a toll on you if you do not know how to manage your stress levels. Try to introduce time management in your schedule. Communicate with your dear ones about your routine and share with them your experiences. It will help reduce that much burden from your mental faculties.