It is not quite easy and actually possible to enjoy a healthy life for men over 50 with a trail of bad lifestyle in the younger days. To say ‘good-bye’ to sweet delicacies and a lethargic routine can certainly be a difficult task. But I will say ‘Better late than never’. Why not apply atleast few of the following tips to ensure you cut on the excess fat and adopt an active lifestyle?

Reduce Salt Intake

High intake of salt in the diet can be the key reason of death for men over 50. Try to keep the killer salt at bay by avoiding foods such as bread, processed foods and cheese. High amounts of sodium accompanied with low levels of potassium can adversely increase the blood pressure levels. This will further increase the probability of a heart disease. Welcome a healthy lifestyle by consuming more of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Banana is one such fruit that will help you maintain your health. The additional benefit of a healthy diet is that you will not see many wrinkles on your face.

Strengthen Memory

The best way to keep your memory and wisdom sharp is by consuming a Mediterranean diet. This diet refers to a unique mix of unsaturated fats (substantial amount) and saturated fats (less amount). You can include foods such as fish, nuts and vegetable oils that are rich in unsaturated fats to avoid falling prey to dementia and several other cognitive disorders.

Strengthen Bones

Osteoporosis is a well-known disease that can become a grave problem in the later stages of life. Men over 50 tend to lose bone mass and hence it becomes essential to strengthen the bones. Ideally a calcium rich diet at a young age should help curb this problem. But if you have missed the bus, try to rely on calcium supplements or probiotic supplements. The intake of supplements in prescribed quantity will not only help improve your bones but also make the digestive system healthy.

Maintain Prostate Health

Prostate cancer is an extremely painful disease that is triggered by a bad lifestyle. Soda is one big criminal which affects prostate in the adverse manner. Men who are over 50 years of age and have been heavily consuming soda should switch to water. If flavour is your concern, try to add the punch of lemon berries to water. Do anything but once you have crossed the age of 50, avoid all types of sugary aerated drinks that can put you at the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

For all those men who binge on the red meat frequently should know that red meat can block your arteries. This may also lead to increase in the levels of the harmful LDL cholesterol. The combination of both of this is sure to affect your romance since blockage of arteries and high LDL cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction. Try to include protein rich foods such as black and red kidney beans in place of sugary foods and red meat for a healthy life.